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As an expansion of my role as Sr. Director Product Experience at, I took on responsibility for the product management and strategic direction of our delivery solutions, encompassing a range of products including APIs, cloud storage delivery, and third-party extensions. This case study explores the strategic initiatives undertaken to maximize the effectiveness of our delivery solutions and unlock revenue potential. Through collaborative execution, these initiatives have resulted in improved product performance, increased sales enablement, enhanced customer experience, and significant cost savings, driving tangible impact and delivering value to customers.


The delivery solutions product line comprises technically complex offerings such as APIs and cloud storage flat-file delivery mechanisms. As I began my management of these products, we had recently launched a set of multi-dimensional API endpoints and a new method for delivering market estimates directly to customer cloud storage locations. My role involved developing a long-term product strategy, aligning with the executive team, justifying resource allocation, and collaborating closely with sales teams to introduce new features to customers.

Key Product Challenges

  • Maximizing availability and reliability of data delivery at scale
  • Optimizing cost structures and ROI
  • Driving greater adoption across Enterprise and Strategic accounts


Addressing Priorities

The primary focus was on maximizing the cost-effectiveness of our APIs. While leveraging our Snowflake data warehouse for endpoints simplified customer data pipelines, it led to escalating costs, diminishing API ROI. Collaborating with product and engineering teams, I challenged the engineering team to propose a technical solution to reduce costs using existing technical infrastructure, resulting in significant annual savings and improved API speed. I then ran an analysis of our API usage - across all the endpoints to understand how to deliver the most impact for the largest amount of our customers. I then consolidated the analysis with the proposal, collaborating with engineering leaders to provide a decision matrix for the proposal.

Product Differentiation

Engaging with internal teams and customers, I collaborated with our engineering teams to identify strengths and weaknesses of each product line and developed a long-term vision and strategy for scalability and profitability. This included optimizing and simplifying our APIs, expanding available data sets for Unified Data channels, providing better self-service through monitoring and tools and developing a migration and sunsetting plan for out of date APIs and channels.

Customer Trials and Understanding Complexity

Trialing initiatives were introduced to facilitate easier adoption of our data-at-scale solutions, leading to high customer retention rates. The trials enabled both a historical data set and a concurrent data set for all available metrics. I spent time with the sales teams discussing the solutions, their strengths and how our customers could best make use of a trial. I also listened and shared with product and engineering leader customer requests and unique data processing needs. All these activities enabled me to develop better strategic plans, evolve current product offerings for pipeline building, monitoring, and self-service.

Since the goal of teamup was to get introduced to other people, the core of the app was found in the texting application. Once a user found someone they felt were a good fit to join up with, an invitation was sent. Each person had the ability to review the request accept or reject it. Each request sent was put into a screen and marked as ‘pending’. I put the user in full-control of what connections they accepted or rejected and also built flagging content controls to hide those people who may attempt to abuse the open connection system.


Execution involved a concerted effort across multiple fronts to implement the strategic initiatives effectively:

Collaborative Refinement of APIs:

  • Engaged closely with the engineering team to refine existing APIs, focusing on optimizing performance and cost-effectiveness.
  • Conducted thorough analysis of API usage patterns to identify areas for improvement and prioritize enhancements.
  • Implemented iterative development cycles to quickly address customer feedback and evolving market demands.

Expansion of Data Availability:

  • Worked collaboratively with data engineering teams to expand the availability of data for Unified Data channels.
  • Conducted regular assessments of customer needs and market trends to identify new data sets and metrics for inclusion.
  • Leveraged agile development methodologies to expedite the integration of new data sources into delivery solutions.

Training and Enablement of Sales Teams:

  • Developed comprehensive training programs to educate sales teams on the features, benefits, and value propositions of delivery solutions.
  • Conducted workshops and seminars to equip sales representatives with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively communicate product benefits to customers.
  • Provided ongoing support and guidance to ensure sales teams were equipped to address customer inquiries and objections effectively.

Customer Trials and Feedback Incorporation:

  • Implemented structured trial programs to allow customers to experience the benefits of data-at-scale solutions firsthand.
  • Gathered feedback from trial participants to identify areas for improvement and refine product offerings.
  • Iteratively incorporated customer feedback into product development processes to ensure alignment with customer needs and preferences.

Streamlining of Self-Service Tools:

  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and enhance self-service monitoring and management tools for delivery solutions.
  • Conducted usability testing and gathered feedback from customers to identify pain points and usability issues.
  • Implemented iterative improvements to self-service tools to streamline workflows and improve user satisfaction.

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization:

  • Established robust monitoring and analytics frameworks to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics related to delivery solutions.
  • Conducted regular performance reviews and optimization exercises to identify opportunities for efficiency gains and cost savings.
  • Leveraged data-driven insights to inform decision-making and prioritize initiatives aimed at driving continuous improvement.

Results & Impact

The comprehensive execution of these initiatives resulted in tangible outcomes and significant impact:

  • Improved API responses by 3x: Refinement of APIs and expansion of data availability led to improved product performance and reliability, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Sales Enablement: Training and enablement webinars and sales pitch decks equipped sales teams with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively sell delivery solutions, with a target list of $4.6MM of sales pipeline
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Streamlining of self-service tools and incorporation of customer feedback led to an improved overall customer experience, driving loyalty and retention. $245k/year Cost Savings: Having fixed I/O costs and optimization efforts resulted in significant cost saving, contributing to improved ROI.


The robust execution of strategic initiatives outlined in this case study underscores the importance of cross-functional collaboration, customer-centricity, and continuous improvement in driving the success of product initiatives. During my time managing these complex data delivery solutions, I worked to brief our executive team, gaining buy-in for my larger strategic vision. My focus on refining APIs, expanding data availability, enabling sales teams, facilitating customer trials, and streamlining self-service tools at, we were able to achieve tangible cost savings and gain new customer upsells for our data delivery products.