About Mark

Practical visionary and experienced leader and mentor of design and product teams focused on building new digital platforms and setting strategy for existing digital experiences.

About Mark

I am above anything else curious about almost everything. My curiousity has led me to explore history, design, art, film & video, photography and so many other ideas and skills. The way beautiful objects and captivating experiences are designed and created is the cornerstone of my work.

My Interests

  • First and foremost, my family and promoting curiosity and wonder in my children
  • Snowboarding and chasing that deep powder feeling
  • Technology, be it physical or digital
  • Photography and film making
  • Camping and hiking
  • Music making - particularly guitar
  • Traveling

My Experience

  • Interactive design in web and mobile
  • UI design
  • Flow mapping, wireframing and app sketching
  • Video production from pre-production to final delivery
  • Strategic thinking using lean startup methodologies
  • Team building and mentoring
  • Product management for big data

Let’s talk!

I’m always interested in an engaging conversation, transforming acquaintances into life-long friends. Drop me a message and let’s chat!

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