Weekly Wrap up

Another week gone by and I'm one week closer to the final delivery of my project. At the start of this week, I was ready to declare defeat and prepare myself to retake the course in the winter. My application wasn't working properly and I couldn't seem to get the right parts and pieces talking to one another to function properly. I was also keenly aware that I was a solid 2 weeks behind on my development. I was stripping features to reach the core of the application's concept.

Getting by with a little help from my friends

So, as I faced defeat and spent a couple sleepless nights trying to resign myself to my self-made predicament, I posted a tweet that I could use some help. I have a number of friends that are experts in Flex programming and some who are Adobe employees. It was a desperate call for help that I wasn't sure anyone would answer. If anyone did, I wanted them to answer because they wanted to and not because I called them and the felt obligated.

One such person responded with a phone call and helped me through the road blocks that I was facing. I was relieved, I was ecstatic, and he went above and beyond the expected and provided working examples, links and additional advice. By Wednesday, my alpha build was working, and I started to feel like I might make it after all.

By the end of the week, most of my core functionality was in place and ready to be implemented. I'm still having to lose features, but I can easily add them back later on. There are still some difficult and long days ahead, as I found out with image parsing and loading, but I'm feeling much more confident in my problem solving and strategic planning.

As a side note, I did have to rewrite my authentication programming, since security protocols required it, but I found a solid example to build from (see below)


This week had lots of links.

Regular Expressions in AS3 - I'm using this to parse text to find links and urls. I'll use it later to parse user names

More Regular Expression utilization

Custom layouts for Flex - this whole site is now bookmarked for its content

OAuth verification in AS3 - this is an example for the Blackberry Playbook, but is easily modified (I linked to a cached site as the original is now down)

iotashan's oauth for AS3 - the code library I'm using to authenticate with the twitter API

Sonke Rhode's OAuth example - I'm using this example with the others to complete the authorization calls

Jonnie Hallman's twitter project - he created Destroy Twitter (twitter desktop client) and has open sourced the code libraries which I'm looking to use for parsing image links