Weekly Wrapup

This week provided some initial progress into my API programming. After a full week of setbacks, I finally made successful calls and retrieved the proper user timeline! It may have been a modest victory, but I'm feeling much more confident in my ability to deliver on this project.

After so many unsuccessful tutorials and articles, I went back to a more recent Adobe tutorial. It focused on using the updated Flex mobile framework. I had seen this article, but avoided it after looking through the provided project file. I looked at the source code and thought that it was auto-generating the code, while avoiding the actual programming. I was, obviously, wrong to think so. The article is using the built in services and data functions of the Flex framework, which are generating code, but it walks through the process. At some later point, I'll want to dig into this process and compare it against using other methods of creating services. The article also has good examples for creating view-based applications and creating custom layouts. These are all topics that I need to move forward on my alpha build.

I had another realization about what I turn in on this project. I tried providing the published debug file, but it required having a debug version of Flash installed and just doesn't run on the professor's computer. So, I have to assume that it won't work on many other computers. I'll have to allocate some time for creating a video of the application running on my testing device.


Build Your First Mobile Application