This was a much busier week, but that was to be expected. My wife's due date was looming, and although we hoped our little girl would come early, she arrived 2 days late, throwing a bit of a wrench into my project development.

My progress so far

The progress so far has been a little slow going. My final project, named "Tweed", still has too many loose ends where concrete details should be. For example, I got stuck working out license issues on my Adobe software, which will be the building tool for the application. I spent time this week researching alternatives in the event that I couldn't get my software working again. I looked again at Powerflasher's FDT, but in the end was able to reactivate my Adobe software.

Architecture wise, I'm still leaning heavily toward using FlashBuilder, specifically the compile to iOS and Android features for the development. I realize there are some drawbacks, namely performance and application hooks to native hardware, but the efficiency I gain by using a familiar development environment and language var outweigh any other drawbacks. Plus with the recent release of the AIR 2.7 SDK, there are significant improvements to publishing and deployment.

A friend recommended Sencha as a possible framework, but my limited experience with Javascript and my limited time to complete the project with the new baby and upcoming travel have ruled it out. I would like to explore a transition to the Sencha framework down the road, but that will have to come later.

Project Timeline

I worked out the project timeline as follows:

  • Week 1 – researching mobile frameworks and possible alternatives to AS3 and proposal writing
  • Week 2 – application flow diagram and basic wireframe as well as requirements and application specifications fully detailed. The specs will be divided between “must have” and “nice to have if time permits”
  • Week 3 – continued work on layouts and design ideas as well as some early user tests using sketches to determine most effective layout
  • Week 4 – a working early build of connecting and interpreting the API for Twitter, Bitly, and the image delivery services (yfrog)
  • Week 5 – general debugging and troubleshooting for learned APIs. Early performance testing on two sample devices (iPhone 3Gs and Droid2)
  • Week 6 – Alpha build of application with basic color scheme in place, but without final graphics. Core functionality built and tested
  • Week 7 – Testing of alpha build and debugging
  • Week 8 – Final graphic development and performance testing for GUI with optimization
  • Week 9 – User testing and tweaking
  • Week 10 – final build and delivery

It is aggressive, but will be necessary if I'm to complete the project on time. I'm a little concerned about making sure the functionality is solid as well as the final polish. In the past, these projects seem to throw a particular problem that can sometimes hang me up and then I don't feel like I've fully finished the project as I wanted. Creating the core features and the desired features will be critical to the success.

Overall I'm excited to finally be beginning the project that I've had on my mind for so long now.